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Hello! This serves as a mixed public/private journal, currently heavier on the private than the public. This is mainly a place for me to organize and tag my journals for easy searching. I'm currently working through a few different methods, trying to sort out what works best for me.

I always seem to have grand plans that never quite work out, but here's what I'm thinking will be public content:

  • Recipes I do enjoy cooking, even if my current idea of a meal is cook some fresh pasta, shred some sheep cheese, chop of some garlic, and toss everything together with some olive oil, and, if I'm feeling ambitious, some fresh spinach. It's currently Farmer's Market season, so I'm spoiling myself on fresh fruit and veggies and being a lazy, lazy cook. But in the fall and winter, I'll be less lazy and will want to share some recipes.
  • Reviews I used to be a voracious reader. I still read quite a bit, but other hobbies have shouldered their way into my free time, and I'm likely to post reviews (or quick reaction shots) to the media I consume: books, movies, TV shows, maybe the occasional video game.
  • NaNo Updates One of the hobbies that has shouldered its way into my free time is writing, and I make room in my schedule for National Novel Writing Month in November. I don't always make room in my schedule for posting NaNo updates, though every year, I honestly think I will. (And then every year, I fail to post updates and go back and lock down my entries. I am fickle.)

Here's what will be filtered content:

  • Journaling Process I'm not likely to share much personal content, but I am willing to talk process with folks.
  • Rune and Tarot Work Again, I'm not likely to share much personal content, but I do like talking shop and sharing reference links/book recommendations.
  • Reactions to Workshops & Journaling Books These reaction posts will be a bit more personal (and personally identifying) than any book reviews/reaction shots I'd be willing to share publically.
  • Miscellaneous Stuff Specifically, miscellaneous stuff I do not want to share in public. So, entries with personal information, vacation photos, that sort of thing. It's probably of no interest to people who don't know me, and more importantly, it's not stuff I want to share unless I know you.

Since I haven't actually used the mini bio section to write an actual bio, here's the nutshell version: I am in my 30's, live in Western Washington, and share a house with three cats.

Interests (22):

appeasing the cats, astronomy, avoiding the surlies, baking, cooking, fairy tales, feminism, folklore, geeking over good books, herbal lore, intensive journal, journal writing, mathematics, personal mythology, physics, reading, runes, tarot, tea, trees, wine, writing
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